Transport and Directions

Zagreb Airport is located 16 kilometers (10 miles) southeast from the city of Zagreb. It is easily reachable by all means of transport.


Arriving to Zagreb Airport by Car

All highways in Croatia either start or end at Zagreb.

  • From Austria (Vienna) take the A2 highway through Graz and Maribor.
  • From Italy or Slovenia (Ljubljana) take the A3 highway to get to Zagreb Airport.
  • From Hungary (Budapest) use the A4 highway.
  • From Serbia (Belgrade) use the A3 highway to get to Zagreb Airport.
  • If you are coming to Zagreb Airport from Croatian seaside (Islands, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik) take the A1 highway.

Driving Directions: From central Zagreb, head southwards along route E11 and follow the signs to the town of Velika Gorica and the airport.

There is plenty of parking space on the airport and parking is well organized. See car parking map for car parking information and current prices.

Zagreb Airport Bus transfer / Shuttle

There is a direct bus line connecting Zagreb Airport and Central Bus Station (see image above) in the City of Zagreb. The ride takes 30 minutes and it stops at all major spots between the Airport and City Center. Tickets costs 30 HRK (4 EUR) and can be purchased on the bus.

Bus leaves every 30 minutes from 6 AM to 22 PM. Afterwards, they adjust the timetable to actual arrivals and departures. For current timetable check

Arriving to Zagreb by Train

Zagreb Airport is not directly connected with Zagreb Central Rail Station. However Zagreb is a railway hub with direct connections to all major european and croatian cities.

If you are coming to Zagreb by train we suggest taking a bus or taxi to get to the Airport. Central Bus Station is located south-east to the train station – a 10 minute walk.

Need a Taxi?

Zagreb Airport Taxi

Zagreb Airport Taxi

Here are a few of the better known Zagreb Airport Taxi services:

  • Radio Taxi Zagreb, phone: 1777 – 9.9 HRK for start, 4.9 HRK per kilometer
  • Taxi Cammeo, phone: 1212 – 15 HRK for start (2 km included), 6 HRK per kilometer
  • Eko Taxi – phone: 060 77 77 – 8.8 HRK for start, 5.5 HRK per kilometer

Note the distance from Zagreb Airport to City of Zagreb is around 16 kilometers so you should  pay around 100-150 HRK for a day ride (15-20 EUR).

Rent a car at The Airport

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